matt ferguson

software developer
Matt Ferguson's path to becoming a Software Developer at BlackBear Labs is a testament to his diverse experience and unwavering passion for engineering and development. With a rich background spanning roles at companies such as Veramark Technologies, Second Avenue Learning, and PeerPlaceNetworks LLC, Matt honed his skills and cultivated a deep understanding of software solutions. However, it was during his tenure as a Custom Solutions Software Support Engineer and Team Lead at Lenel S2 that Matt found his true calling, paving the way for his seamless transition to BlackBear Labs.

In this role, he developed and tested software destined for security programs around the world, ensuring they met customer requirements and provided sustaining engineering for existing commercially available software developed by the CS Team. His familiarity with a variety of coding languages and software platforms underscores his versatility and expertise in the field.

Joining the BlackBear Labs team not only aligned with Matt’s experience, but his values and passions. Over the course of his career, he developed a passion for problem-solving and automating mundane tasks, allowing people to focus on more meaningful endeavors. Working alongside the team at BlackBear Labs presents ample opportunities for Matt to contribute to the company's mission of empowering its customers to tackle the challenges of tomorrow more creatively and efficiently.

Matt's formal education in Game Design and Development from the Rochester Institute of Technology laid the foundation for his career, although he found his niche in the problem-solving workflow that led to client satisfaction within the software industry. His experience at Lenel instilled a passion for mentoring and guiding younger talent, a role he continues to embrace in his career trajectory.

In his free time, Matt indulges in various hobbies, including playing D&D, enjoying video games and board games, hiking with his dog, and fishing. Additionally, he's an avid supporter of the Buffalo Bills during football season (Go Bills!).
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